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Fram Wikipidia
Message in English
Welkom tu Wikipidia, di frii insaiklopidia we enibadi kiah edit.
Tengki fi tek paat ina dis prajek. Ef yu gat eni dout, yu kiah ax bouti ina di Komiuniti puotal.

Yu no chat Jumiekan? - Don't speak Jamaican?

Dis a yu diskoshan piej, we yu kiah risiiv mechiz frah ada wikipidian. A di hen a di mechiz yu fi sain bai rait ~~~~. Memba se aatikl no fi sain.

--Katxis (talk)‎ 12:44, 9 Mie 2016 (EST)

Category redirects[change up di source]

Hi :)

I saw that you turned some categories which are marked for deletion into redirects (e.g. this edit). I wanted to point two things out:

Firstly: If you think a redirect would be useful, the category page shouldn't be deleted. :) It would make sense to remove the deletion request from the page.

Secondly: It's not recommended to use normal redirects for categories (see the MediaWiki documentation). For some reason, MediaWiki only puts pages into the original category and not into the category it redirects to. For example, if someone added "[[Category:Kyaribiyan kolcha]]" to a page, it would be added to Category:Kyaribiyan kolcha and would not appear in Category:Kiaribiyan kolcha. The only way to make the page show up in Category:Kiaribiyan kolcha is to edit the page and update the category name.

Other wikis use a template instead for category redirects. For example, on Wikidata, we have d:Template:Category redirect. It shows a message on the category page and puts the category into d:Category:Category redirects. You can see an example of the template being used at d:Category:User zh-yue-0. On d:Category:Category redirects, we can see which categories are not empty which makes it easy to find pages whose categories need updating.

I think it would make sense to do something similar here. If you agree, I'm happy to help copy the template over and update the pages (just let me know what "Template:Category redirect" and "Category:Category redirects" should be called here). :)

- Nikki (talk)‎ 07:29, 15 Mie 2016 (EST)

Hi Nikki,
Thanks for taking time to explain. I had gone back to apply the redirects when i noticed in the listing that the title had reverted from Italic back to regular so i thought to discourage anyone from adding to the proposed deleted category that it should be italicized. I also thought that the steward deleting would be helped to know that the proposed category had already been replaced. I made sure that proposed deletions were empty. Where the category was not empty i would edit each sub-category and page so they would turn up in the right place. If there was a way to automate the moving of content to the new Category i would love that. In the meantime your suggestions will be useful. The respective names should be "Template:Kiatigari riidirek" and "Category:Kiatigari riidirek". Just so i'm clear, when proposing deletions i should remove the redirect tag? I'm anxious to clear out all the dead wood.
--Yocahuna (talk)‎ 08:02, 15 Mie 2016 (EST)

Romance languages[change up di source]

Is Ruomans langwijdem correct? --Katxis (talk)‎ 08:16, 16 Mie 2016 (EST)

Ruomans languij --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 08:18, 16 Mie 2016 (EST)
Sin Luusha --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 04:32, 17 Mie 2016 (EST)

I've written in the forum. --Katxis (talk)‎ 04:43, 17 Mie 2016 (EST)

OK --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 04:56, 17 Mie 2016 (EST)

I don't want to close this as approved as a featured article until someone who is jam-N actually votes yes over there—even if you did contribute substantially to the page. If not you, maybe nudge someone else to do that. Thanks. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 10:03, 19 Mie 2016 (EST)

Thanks for the nudge. In my mind the article was incomplete but i had forgotten i had gone in and cleaned up most of the errors. --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 10:17, 19 Mie 2016 (EST)
NP. (;-) Maybe have a look at the Una Marson page, too. I closed it, because you guys already tagged it. But just for yucks maybe make sure you caught everything in there, as well. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 10:22, 19 Mie 2016 (EST)
No problem there as i had done that article fairly recently in its entirety. Thanks for your help and interest. --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 10:27, 19 Mie 2016 (EST)

May I ask you to translate my userpage's userbox at meta:Template:User SW to this site's language? Could you also translate "Hello!" word here? Thanks -XQV- (talk)‎ 07:01, 23 Mie 2016 (EST)

I'd be happy to except i don't know exactly what to do. Post the actual text to me here and i'll do the translation. If it's "I'm a Star Wars fan" that is "Mi a Star Wars fan." If you want to transcribe 'Star Wars' that would be 'Staar Waar'. The word for 'hello' is 'eluo'. --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 07:38, 23 Mie 2016 (EST)
(tps) I was going to offer to help, but it looks like -XQV- has already done the coding. However, -XQV-, at minimum I'd change the coding slightly to ... ''[[:jam:Staar Waar|Star Wars]]'', if not ''[[:jam:Staar Waar|Staar Waar]]'', because if ever an article appears on this wiki on the subject, it will be called Staar Waar. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 09:53, 23 Mie 2016 (EST)

Which one is correct?[change up di source]

--Katxis (talk)‎ 16:58, 1 Juun 2016 (EST)

* Azabaijan
* Jainizim

--Yocahuna (talk)‎ 18:25, 1 Juun 2016 (EST)

(talk page stalker) Just so I understand: the H tends to appear, in speech and especially in orthography, mostly when separating two vowels, right? When the vowel is just by itself, not so much? StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 10:50, 2 Juun 2016 (EST)
You got it right, StevenJ81 (talk). See Help:Jumiekan Patwa spelling policy#Aspirate for clarification. Another user has objected to this convention which is a major feature of Jamaican speech. Many linguists, as he claims to be, have noted this feature but i am not aware of anyone studying or setting out guidelines for its usage in orthography. This is a first for Wiki which i feel will become influential in setting orthographic standards for Jamaican. --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 22:31, 2 Juun 2016 (EST)
I guess I sensed that before. On Wikipidia:Vuotin piej, I wrote "Gud aatikl" but "Fiicha haatikl". I wasn't sure I was interpreting the spelling policy correctly; I'm glad I did so.
This probably means, for starters, that we should make the tab at the top of the page read "Edit" instead of "Hedit". If you agree, let's ping Katxis and get that done.
As far as "another user" goes ... all three languages I speak with some fluency (English, French, Hebrew) have examples of orthographic changes for purposes of euphony around vowels:
  • English: a > an before a vowel
  • French: il a > a-t-il when inverted for an interrogatory
  • Hebrew: More subtle, because it's usually in the vowel points rather than the letters. See this treatment of the furtive patach, a vowel inserted before certain pharyngeals.
I think it's exciting to be living in the middle of a linguistic laboratory like this, myself ... StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 08:43, 3 Juun 2016 (EST)
PS: I took the liberty of converting the link you provided from html format to wikilink format. I hope that's ok with you. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 08:43, 3 Juun 2016 (EST)
"Fiicha haatikl" was a "bum shat" (right on the button)
No wonder you catch on so quickly. The switching of Hs is such a fascinating feature of Jamaican that i'm not sure occurs in any other Creole language. It began as an imported style from 18th century London (recall 'Enry 'Iggins attempts to drill Eliza Dolittle) which the prior West African language speakers would have subconsciously absorbed as it fit well with their accustomed CVC pattern.
Though it probably would be spoken, I agree with you on nixing the H in "Hedit". With so many different contributors, some of whom may include the H, i think the guide should be not to do so in titles and headings. I spoke to Katxis already about a number of tags/labels that need to be corrected but i don't think he knows how to fix those either. I had been asked to provide translations of a few of those terms some time ago. I think it comes under Wikitranslate or something.
Feel free to correct/improve any formatting as i'm not as adept as i should be. --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 09:55, 3 Juun 2016 (EST)
Not today, but I can look at some of the things at translatewiki.net at some point. I'll speak with you about them further later on. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 10:00, 3 Juun 2016 (EST)

Hi. Can you reach out to User:Jamadnemana? I'd like him/her to stay active. And even though I've !voted against him/her for administrator now, I'd like native speakers (you included?) to be the administrators here eventually. But that won't happen if someone like Jamadnemana stops contributing. (I do understand that people disappear for a week at a time around here because of real life. But it feels to me like there is a risk of that person getting the wrong idea and leaving in a huff. That's why I'm asking you to reach out. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 14:52, 2 Juun 2016 (EST)

I will. --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 22:34, 2 Juun 2016 (EST)

Native-speaker opinion needed yet again[change up di source]

There's some discussion going on at User talk:StevenJ81#Talk link in signatures about user signatures (e.g., see the very end of this comment). Care to weigh in? Which would you say would look better?

  • Username (diskoshan) timestamp
  • Username (taak) timestamp

Or possibly something else? - dcljr (talk)‎ 23:09, 3 Juun 2016 (EST)

There's yet another option:
  • Username (chat) timestamp
but i'd vote for (taak) --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 23:35, 3 Juun 2016 (EST)

Hi Yocahuna, thanks for adding text in the image. I have added several images in pages but I can't speak the language so please if you see something wrong correct it. DARIO SEVERI (talk)‎ 20:38, 23 Julai 2016 (EST)

Will do, Dario. Thanks for all your input. --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 20:49, 23 Julai 2016 (EST)
Hi, Thanks for your help, now I can fix the them. It's very helpful to have someone who speaks the language. Yes, I'm living most part of the year in the north east of Thailand (Udon Thani) but next week I'll be in Phuket (holiday ;) ) DARIO SEVERI (talk)‎ 03:30, 29 Julai 2016 (EST)

Could you please vote here? --Katxis (talk)‎ 05:31, 6 Septemba 2016 (EST)

Babel boxes[change up di source]

Hi, Yocahuna. I'm trying to get some things working right for jam with the Babel boxes. But one thing I notice is that they always end in "Ingglish". But here's a question: do we really want them to say "Di yuuza ab biesik nalij a Ingglish"? Or do we want them to say something more like "Di yuuza ab biesik nalij a Jumiekan Kriyol"? Or "...patwa"? The way I read the boxes right now it looks like the text refers to plain, old English, even though the language code says "jam". Thanks. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 18:30, 12 Disemba 2016 (EST)

Hi StevenJ81, You are absolutely right. I had brought it to the attention of Katxis since i'm unable to make the correction myself. I would go with "Di yuuza ab biesik nalij a Jumiekan".
I can do it. So can you, because that's done in translatewiki.net, and we've both got the "translator" bit there. But I can do it if you like. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 11:13, 13 Disemba 2016 (EST)
OK. What I've done, just to make sure I got this right, was to change two of them: the one at "jam-N" (which you have on your user page) and the one at "jam-1" (which I have on my user page). It takes a couple of days for updates to arrive from translatewiki, so we'll see how that goes. After that, we'll go ahead and fix the rest. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 11:20, 13 Disemba 2016 (EST)
Seems to have worked. (Look at your user page and look at mine.) I just changed level 2 and level 3. When those clear, I'll do 0, 4 and 5. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 11:44, 15 Disemba 2016 (EST)
Perfect. Great going, thanks StevenJ81.
Looks like it's all done. See translatewiki:Portal:Jam. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 09:02, 21 Disemba 2016 (EST)
Excellent. Thank you StevenJ81.--Yocahuna (talk)‎ 11:14, 21 Disemba 2016 (EST)

Translation[change up di source]

Hello, could you please translate Automatic refresh to Patois? Thanks -XQV- (talk)‎ 09:52, 11 Janiweri 2017 (EST)

Aatamatik rifresh --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 10:28, 11 Janiweri 2017 (EST)

Administrator renewal time for Katxis[change up di source]

See Wikipidia:Vuotin piej.

Have a great weekend! StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 10:36, 10 Febiweri 2017 (EST)

Thanks for the alert, and same to you. --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 10:50, 10 Febiweri 2017 (EST)

Current state of the wiki[change up di source]

Hi. I did not remind Katxis this year, and his adminship lapsed. (He is still around, using an older account name of his, Chabi. But he's been busier getting lfn: going.)

I see you're not around much these days. If you think you're going to become more active again, I'd recommend that you take on the administrator role. You speak the language (which Katxis doesn't), and you're the longest-standing solid citizen here. I'm mostly busy elsewhere, but if you become admin I'd always come help if you ping me.

That said—and especially if you think you're going to be around only sporadically—I'd like to bounce a couple of things off you before asking publicly:

  • Lifting some global blocks. See en:WP:IPB. Katxis put indefs on six IP addresses (see Special:BlockList). But it's generally inappropriate to block an IP address for longer than three months, unless there is specific evidence that it's a static address used for vandalism over a long period of time. Since the last of those blocks dates to April 2017, I will ask the stewards to lift these, unless you know a good reason I shouldn't.
  • Unprotecting some pages. See Special:ProtectedPages. There are three protected pages. One is just a redirect, so it's remaining fully protected is perfectly fine. There are two others: Mien Piej and Wikipidia:Komiuniti puotal. When there is an administrator around, it's probably best to leave pages like these as fully protected. But when there is not—and for now, there is not—you can make a case that they should be semi-protected instead. When they are fully protected and there is no admin, they can't be changed for any reason. And unless the reason is trivial (spelling mistake, say), stewards want to see community consensus first. Keeping them semi-protected gives the community itself the ability to change the page, but of course also opens things up to some risk of vandalism. Unless you think I shouldn't, I would go to the Village Square and recommend that these be changed to semi-protected.
  • Good and featured articles. To the best of my knowledge, only two pages were ever promoted to FA here, and three others were promoted to GA. (See Wikipidia:Vuotin piej/Aakaiv.) (The two FA pages really don't meet the standards we set afterwards, if you look down the page a bit. I think I can live with that, though I'd really like to see someone write articles to turn the red links in the respective lead sections blue.) And only those five pages have been marked as FA or GA in Wikidata. But Category:Fiicha aatikl seems to have eight entries, not two. One user who was around for three days last summer (Kodiag) evidently decided to tag the other six as featured articles on his own. They don't meet the standards, and they weren't promoted by community consensus. So unless you know something about this that I don't know, I'm going to remove those FA templates.

StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 13:25, 29 Mie 2018 (EST)

Hi StevenJ81,
Thanks for being there, for your dedication and persistence. I appreciate your confidence in me but i am not qualified to take the admin role since i don't begin to understand the protocol and technology. I suppose i could learn on the job but i also don't have the time or focus. This has probably contributed to Katxis/Chabi's frustration and withdrawal -- though he has not said so. He has been feeding me text which i translate for him to create pages but my production cannot keep pace with his requests. I hate to lose him. He really is very conscientious and dedicated to the project, with ambitious plans to also create a dictionary and books. I am the one that has fallen down in supporting him. I believe you could persuade him to resume the admin role which is sorely needed especially since there seems to be no qualified candidates. I am happy to remain translator and proofreader and will try to be more timely and responsive to his feed.
I fully support your decision on JayJay. You handled it very well. I had intended to vote against him, on the grounds that the articles he had contributed were not written in acceptable orthography. We had to redo them. While he may be a Jamaican speaker, he is not literate in Jamaican, producing an idiosyncratic chaka-chaka, as we call it, hindering rather than helping. One of our aims has to be to establish and promote correct orthography.
--Yocahuna (talk)‎ 05:42, 30 Mie 2018 (EST)
I will try to have a more active role in here, as for the lfn Wikipedia the transition period is almost finished (a couple of things here and there but nothing that takes too much time). I can take the administrator role again and try to take a look each day at the Recent Changes page as well as adding new content provided by Yocahuna. Regarding the three points stated by Steven, I'll take a look at them as soon as possible. --Chabi (talk)‎ 14:32, 11 Juun 2018 (EST)
@Chabi: Once your admin status clears (give it two more days, I think), you can handle the IP blocks yourself. And as long as you're here with admin status, the page protection issues aren't such a big deal. Do look at the FA changes; I'm quite sure they're not really valid. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 08:38, 19 Juun 2018 (EST)

You have been a medical translators within Wikipedia. We have recently relaunched our efforts and invite you to join the new process. Let me know if you have questions. Best Doc James (talk · contribs · email) 12:34, 13 August 2023 (UTC)