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Biebl yuuza infamieshan
jam-N Di yuuza ab a nietib andastanin a Jumiekan.
en-N This user has a native understanding of English.
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Gtk-find-and-replace.svg Dis yuuza a pruuf-riida a Wikipidia.

Waa gwaan. Mi don-elp setop di Jumiekan Wikipidia ah mi a-gwaan du likl-likl frah taim tu taim. Wans a wail mi wi hedit adahels ting tu bot no muo ah so. Adawaiz mi a raita ah aatis.

Hi and hola. I've just finished helping to set up the Jamaican Wikipedia and will continue to contribute edits, as well to the English Wikipedia though not as frequently. In my other life, i'm an artist and writer.