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Fram Wikipidia
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Welkom tu Wikipidia, di frii insaiklopidia we enibadi kiah edit.
Tengki fi tek paat ina dis prajek. Ef yu gat eni dout, yu kiah ax bouti ina di Komiuniti puotal.

Yu no chat Jumiekan? - Don't speak Jamaican?

Dis a yu diskoshan piej, we yu kiah risiiv mechiz frah ada wikipidian. A di hen a di mechiz yu fi sain bai rait ~~~~. Memba se aatikl no fi sain.

--Katxis (talk)‎ 08:03, 19 Julai 2016 (EST)

It is great! Thanks for your help. --Katxis (talk)‎ 08:03, 19 Julai 2016 (EST)

I see you added text claiming that three different countries have the "tent bigis" (which I assume means "tenth biggest") population in the world. I assume you based this on the second sentence of the Japan article. Japan is indeed (apparently) the tenth biggest country by population, but Bangladesh, Indonesia, and India are not. - dcljr (talk)‎ 15:28, 28 Julai 2016 (EST)

  • Hi @Dcljr:, thanks for the note. What I meant was that they are one of the ten most populous countries in the world, but now I realized that the meaning is not correct. It is possible you correct them? If you are not able we need remove this part. Thanks again. DARIO SEVERI (talk)‎ 19:51, 28 Julai 2016 (EST)
Sorry, but I don't know how to say that (or anything, really) in Jamaican Patois. Perhaps Yocahuna or Katxis will notice this conversation and be able to help. - dcljr (talk)‎ 20:10, 28 Julai 2016 (EST)
Here, you can fix it: "wan a di ten muos papilos konchri ina di wol" --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 01:18, 29 Julai 2016 (EST)

Ivanjilista Toricheli[change up di source]

Good job! Glad to see you took the bull by the horns. Now you can link it back to Bliez Paskal. Are you in Thailand? I'm in Chiang Mai. --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 01:38, 29 Julai 2016 (EST)

Thanks for all your work here. Every little helps in a Wikipedia like ours. --Katxis (talk)‎ 18:47, 14 Disemba 2016 (EST)

I wanted to invite you to join us for a series of meet-ups we are hosting this month (tomorrow, the 15th and the 22nd) in Kingston if you are in town, if not feel free to edit remotely with us. We focus on visual art and records of African diaspora, please check out our project here. Thanks!--Heathart (talk)‎ 22:38, 7 Disemba 2018 (EST)

  • Hi @Heathart:, thanks for the invitation, I live in Thailand so I will check your project on-line. Best regards. DARIO SEVERI (talk)‎ 22:50, 7 Disemba 2018 (EST)