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Template:Harvnb[change up di source]

I was going to copy en:Template:Harvnb for Template:Harvnb and had already created Module:Footnotes. Should I go ahead and replace Template:Harvnb or would it be better to keep the current version and delete Module:Footnotes? - Nikki (talk)‎ 10:35, 11 Mie 2016 (EST)

WP:RfP/Adminischrieta[change up di source]

Katxis, you need to create this page quickly so you can be nominated and get status. But I don't know enough about patwa to spell it correctly. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 14:21, 11 Mie 2016 (EST)

See m:Steward requests/Permissions#Katxis@jamwiki. A discussion here is mandatory, but they will grant the tools as long as there are no objections. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 17:04, 11 Mie 2016 (EST)

More[change up di source]

Thank you for correcting my spelling of "archive". (:o

I'm going to leave the successful vote in place (so people see it) until the two featured article votes are finished later in the week, then will archive all. I've got a calendar reminder in place to nominate you for renewal in three months. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 09:16, 18 Mie 2016 (EST)

Administrative details[change up di source]

  1. See Wikipidia diskoshan:Komiuniti puotal. This looks to me like vandalism, because I don't see an IP6 user being in a position to do something like that. If that's true, you should probably roll that back. (If it's not true, I shouldn't be autopatrolled, because I don't speak patwa. But I could be a useful patroller or rollbacker.)
  2. Time stamp: Do people in Jamaica actually call their time zone by the North American name "EST"? If so, fine; if not, I think the time stamps here should probably be adjusted to read "UTC-5" or "UTC-5:00". StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 14:57, 18 Mie 2016 (EST)

Double-redirects[change up di source]

There are a bunch of them, especially geographic features. See Special:DoubleRedirects. I suppose that eventually a global bot can come around and fix them. But before that happens, just make sure that you want the final destinations to remain in their current format. If so, that's fine. If not, let's change 'em now before a bot comes. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 10:07, 19 Mie 2016 (EST)

Since nothing was happening with this, I've gone ahead and fixed all of the double redirects. Because the info on that Special: page will be updated at some point, I'm including a copy of the original list (the pages that used to be double redirects that are now simply redirects):
Also, Special:ListRedirects and Special:WantedPages should probably be looked over by a native speaker (/writer?) to see what page titles should and should not be redirected to or from. (If you get my meaning.) - dcljr (talk)‎ 02:50, 16 Juun 2016 (EST)

Hi. I don't know if the user who applied for the job is an appropriate candidate. But it's really never a bad idea for there to be at least two admins when that is feasible. It tends to cut down on potential accusations that insiders run the wiki without accountability to the community. Just something for you to think about. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 19:45, 29 Mie 2016 (EST)

Don't forget to link important terms in new articles you create… - dcljr (talk)‎ 23:42, 31 Mie 2016 (EST)

I've come across the following merge/redirect opportunities:

Since I don't actually speak this language, I'll leave it to you to decide which titles and what content should be preserved. - dcljr (talk)‎ 04:19, 1 Juun 2016 (EST)

You may have noticed I've been going through all the articles removing "redundant pipes" on links and adding links to articles that lack them (and sometimes also to articles that already have them). Occasionally I've come across "raw" bracketed numbers in article text (e.g., [14]) that look like footnote numbers left over after text was copied-and-pasted from another source. Since it only happened a handful of times, I just deleted such numbers when I saw them. Then I noticed an edit where you turned such bracketed numbers into actual references. And then I noticed this was done to text that you yourself added a few days before. So now I'm confused. Why are you adding text with bracketed numbers instead of actual references? Have I screwed up the articles where I deleted such numbers? Should I find them again (that'll take a while) so you can add references to them later? - dcljr (talk)‎ 06:38, 3 Juun 2016 (EST)

Replied at User talk:Dcljr. - dcljr (talk)‎ 20:18, 16 Juun 2016 (EST)

Forgot to "ping" you again in my followup, but the discussion is continuing at User talk:StevenJ81#Talk link in signatures… - dcljr (talk)‎ 23:08, 3 Juun 2016 (EST)

OK, now using MediaWiki talk:Signature. Please see that discussion. - dcljr (talk)‎ 20:18, 16 Juun 2016 (EST)

Question by User:Nemo on June 18. --Philip J (talk)‎ 00:28, 19 Juun 2016 (EST)

Village pump[change up di source]

Can you please create a "Village pump" page (whatever it should be called here), so we can have a place for centralized discussion that's not specifically for voting? - dcljr (talk)‎ 11:45, 19 Juun 2016 (EST)

Agree. (If @Yocahuna gives us a name, we can create it ourselves. But then Katxis should [a] move-protect it and [b] add it to MediaWiki:Sidebar.) StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 10:56, 20 Juun 2016 (EST)
Well, I've gone and created a village pump by accident (see the end of this discussion for an explanation). Oops… - dcljr (talk)‎ 03:58, 22 Juun 2016 (EST)

Hello, katksis, my article "Gadri" was deleted by you, with the reason"Not in Jamaican". Now I'm creating that article in Jamaican (if possible). And if you find any fault, then just tell me. Thanks, by Constanstin (talk)‎ 02:37, 13 Julai 2016 (EST)

Hi Katxis, I added the category 'Fizix' in some of the articles created for you yesterday. It is a broad category but I think it's better than very specific categories in the current stage but if you disagree please modify them. DARIO SEVERI (talk)‎ 04:51, 19 Julai 2016 (EST)

  • Hi again! I added link to others wikis in the page Wiet, it was easy to discover Wiet = Weigh, and I also added a link, a image, and a category, if you do not like please change them. DARIO SEVERI (talk)‎ 22:39, 20 Julai 2016 (EST)

Good article candidates[change up di source]

Why? StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 08:06, 28 Julai 2016 (EST)

Maroons page title change[change up di source]

Hi, I noticed you changed the title of Maruun a Jumieka to Jumiekan Maruun. Can I ask why? Eartha78 (talk)‎ 05:16, 31 Aagos 2016 (EST)

thanks for your reply on my talk page. Could you move the article back so the main page title shows as Maruun a Jumieka and put the redirect on Jumiekan Maruun? I choose that title deliberately as for much of history the Maroon communities in Jamaica were, and in the case of Akompong still are, independent from the Jamaican/British state. Many Maroons consider their communities still to have legal and political automony from the Jamaican government despite a policy of assilmiation by the state. (See Maroon Autonomy In Jamaica) Eartha78 (talk)‎ 06:48, 4 Septemba 2016 (EST)

una ayuda por mi.[change up di source]

Buendos Dias desde Italia, te escribo para saludarte y saber como estas. Ademas de este te pido un favor, siempre amabilmente me puedes traducir al patois jamaicano, dos traducciones que me gusteria veer en esta Wikipedia, si quieres por supuesto. la primera traduccion se trata de traducir una estacion de radio italiana de mi zona, muy conocida gracias a la Diaspora calabresa en el mundo y que se insipira al motto de Bob Marley , la estacion se llama en:Radio Studio 54 Network, esta bien un esbozo por ahora, pero por favor hazlo. la segunda traduccion concerne una acrtiz, modelo y istructora de joga que se llama en:Ursula Karven, si quieres hazlo tambien en español, porque hay un usuario que me contrasta mucho...y yo confio en ti. Por supuesto yo te ayudarè en los idiomas que conozco, en lo que me pidaras. por ahora te mando un hermano saludo y te agradezco por lo que haras por mi.--Luigi Salvatore Vadacchino (talk)‎ 07:20, 2 Aktuoba 2016 (EST)

Normal practice on situations like that is 7-30 days protection (rather than indef), then see what happens. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 10:47, 23 Novemba 2016 (EST)

Admin-renewal[change up di source]

You're up for renewal. See at Wikipidia:Vuotin piej and at m:SRP. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 09:34, 10 Febiweri 2017 (EST)

Problem with Mien piej[change up di source]

Seems to have been vandalized. Please check. --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 03:56, 8 Iepril 2017 (EST)

Pages for deletion[change up di source]

Ola Katxis, this category Category:Kiandidet fi kuik-kuik diliishan has some pages to delete, I deleted two obvious ones but the others are not sure if they should be deleted. Best regards. DARIO SEVERI (talk)‎ 04:36, 12 Janiweri 2018 (EST)