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The current version of this page gives:

Username (talk)‎

The "global" default value of this MediaWiki setting is at translatewiki:MediaWiki:Signature/jam, which I have just edited to use:

Username (taak)‎

(mainly because User:Yocahuna, a native speaker, preferred it).

But other possibilities include (a suggestion from User:StevenJ81):

Username (diskoshan)‎

And (an alternate suggestion from User:Yocahuna):

Username (chat)‎

So… opinions? (Once we make a final decision, the TranslateWiki setting can be fixed and, eventually, this local page can be deleted.) - dcljr (talk)‎ 20:10, 16 Juun 2016 (EST)

I defer to User:Yocahuna, of course. The only advantage to using diskoshan is that currently the talk page tabs use that word. But the truth is that we ought to have one word, and have it used (a) in the signature, (b) on the talk page tabs, and (c) (once all the namespaces are given proper Jamaican names) as part of the name of the talk spaces:
  • User → Yuuza
  • User talk → Yuuza taak (or Yuuza chat)
  • Wikipidia diskoshan (which it is now) → Wikipidia taak (or Wikipidia chat)
  • (mainspace) Talk → Taak (or Chat)
(@Dcljr: Do we do all of this on I have a translator account also, and can take care of it, I imagine.) StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 11:05, 20 Juun 2016 (EST)
I'm not sure exactly how it all works, but as far as I can tell, there are at least two different general types of settings:
  1. Things that should display differently for different users (i.e., based on their user-language preferences) tend to be controlled by TranslateWiki defaults that may be overridden by local "MediaWiki:" pages (see, e.g., these two lists of system messages).
  2. Things that control how the wiki itself works for everyone (including prefixes used in wikilinks) tend to be set by developers and can only be changed by submitting a Phabricator task (e.g., search for 'jamwiki' in InitialiseSettings.php).
Clearly, the more in-sync these two types of settings are for Jamaican Patois users, the better. I didn't consider the fact that "diskoshan" is used in the tabs for all talk-related namespaces when I made this change. (Note: There may be other issues I haven't thought of. There's a lot of information available at mw:Localisation and translatewiki:Translating:MediaWiki, and I haven't read all of it.)
Hopefully we can nail all of this down once we get a centralized "village pump" for this wiki. [grin]
Incidentally, in case anyone reading this doesn't already know, the canonical English names of all the core namespaces work on every Wikimedia wiki, regardless of the local language in use (wherever the settings are defined). So, for example, you can use (i.e., search for or link to) "Special:Statistics" on any WM wiki, even if the local version is called "Especial:Estadísticas". For other core namespaces, you have to know the local page name, but can still use the English namespace prefix. For example, the "Wikipidia:" and "Wikipidia diskoshan:" namespaces on this wiki are canonically known as the "Project:" and "Project talk:" namespaces, so while Wikipedia talk:Komiuniti puotal doesn't work, Project talk:Komiuniti puotal does. (Obviously, this information is only useful for searching the wiki or for creating links on user and/or talk pages; it's usually considered bad form, I think, on non-English wikis to use English prefixes on non-user, non-talk pages.) - dcljr (talk)‎ 00:30, 21 Juun 2016 (EST)
You know this stuff better than I do. (grin) Yes, I think it's usually considered bad form to use English prefixes in general. Yet during a transition period like ours it's not the worst thing. And probably most categorization that was created in Incubator ends up looking like "[[Category:" over here. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 08:39, 21 Juun 2016 (EST)
Uhh, but the "Category:" namespace here is actually called "Category:"… Now that I think about it, I realize it shouldn't be — but it's not like it has already been set as something else, right? Was it different in the test wiki [Incubator]?? - dcljr (talk)‎ 17:30, 21 Juun 2016 (EST)
I had suggested "Kiatigari" at one point. Also "Templet" - if that can be changed. Definitely "Yuuzaniem". For "Village pump" "rom baar" (rum bar) comes to mind but that may not be appropriate :) The equivalent of village pump would be "stanpaip" (standpipe) but that may not be readily understood, so maybe we should go with "Vilij skwier" (Village square). — Preceding unsigned comment added by Yocahuna (talkcontribs) 18:42, 21 Juun 2016 (EST)
OK, I'm feeling bold and thinking of creating Wikipidia:Vilij skwier, so I can start discussing all the stuff I want to fix on this wiki! [grin] At the moment, I'm typing up my initial comments for that page off-wiki, so if someone else would like to create the page before I do, please do so. (Remember, we can always move the page to a different title later.) - dcljr (talk)‎ 01:58, 22 Juun 2016 (EST)
Oops, I accidentally created the page while I was previewing it on-wiki. Oh, well… - dcljr (talk)‎ 03:52, 22 Juun 2016 (EST)