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Some comments[edit suos]

Hi. Yocahuna would be happy to have you back as a sysop, if you have the time and energy. Also, I've told her I would take care of a couple of things through the stewards. Please have a look at User talk:Yocahuna#Current state of the wiki. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 12:10, 11 Juun 2018 (EST)

Indef blocks of IPs[edit suos]

As discussed elsewhere, you should clear those blocks. We don't usually block IPs longer than three months. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 09:16, 27 Juun 2018 (EST)

Hello![edit suos]

I wanted to invite you to join us for a series of meet-ups we are hosting this month (tomorrow, the 15th and the 22nd) in Kingston if you are in town, if not feel free to edit remotely with us. We focus on visual art and records of African diaspora, please check out our project here. Thanks!--Heathart (talk)‎ 22:32, 7 Disemba 2018 (EST)