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Not that something in Jamaican patois should be bureaucratic, but this page should probably be at Wikipidia:Vuotin piej. (We can wait until after Katxis's RfA is done, though. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 08:34, 12 Mie 2016 (EST)

Evidently done, though right now the project space is called "Wikipedia", not "Wikipidia". StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 09:57, 13 Mie 2016 (EST)
Finally fully fixed. StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 13:39, 16 Mie 2016 (EST)
Todah rabah my friend. --Katxis (talk)‎ 14:55, 16 Mie 2016 (EST)
Bevakasha. But I have a price: You have to write this article: lad:Jamaika. It's only fair, no? (;-). (OK: You already have Ischri a Juudizam ina Jumieka, which I appreciate very much. But I'd still like to see lad:Jamaika, when you get a chance.) StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 16:22, 16 Mie 2016 (EST)
Done :) --Katxis (talk)‎ 16:47, 16 Mie 2016 (EST)
Excellent! (Did you know that I had no idea that Isabel was the Spanish version of the name Elizabeth?) StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 17:03, 16 Mie 2016 (EST)
(and by the way: I added a couple of things I thought you'd appreciate) StevenJ81 (talk)‎ 17:10, 16 Mie 2016 (EST)