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initial h[edit suos]

I don't know Jamaican Creole, but I am a linguistic researcher and I find I can understand this almost 100%. And I noticed that most, but not all, word-initial h’s on Jumieka Langwij are italicized, and that none on this page were. I suspect that the italicization means that the "h" sound may be dropped.

I've italicized all word-initial h’s on this page. Someone who speaks Jumieka Langwij will have to check it.

--Thnidu (talk) 19:32, 1 June 2014 (UTC)

References[edit suos]

This article contains "raw" footnote numbers with no associated citations (e.g., "[49]" in "Jaagrafi ah invairament" section, and many others in subsequent sections). I tagged the article with the {Refrans} template, following a suggestion of User:Katxis. User:StevenJ81 reverted my edit because "we made it an FA—and it has a bibliography". My opinion is that articles with lingering reference issues should not be featured in the first place, but that's water under the bridge, I suppose… In any case, I offer this comment to point out that proper references still need to be added to this article. - dcljr (talk)‎ 15:15, 28 Julai 2016 (EST)

Thanks for your comment. I know that this article needs a bit of polishing (which one doesn't?) but as you may know we are a small community and we prioritise other actions. Whenever we have time we will come back and fix it. It you can add the references yourself, you are more than welcome to help. --Katxis (talk)‎ 18:46, 14 Disemba 2016 (EST)