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Flag of Jamaica.svg
Flag of Jamaica.svg
Welkom tu Wikipidia, di frii insaiklopidia we enibadi kiah edit.
Tengki fi tek paat ina dis prajek. Ef yu gat eni dout, yu kiah ax bouti ina di Komiuniti puotal.

Yu no chat Jumiekan? - Don't speak Jamaican?


Dis a yu diskoshan piej, we yu kiah risiiv mechiz frah ada wikipidian. A di hen a di mechiz yu fi sain bai rait ~~~~. Memba se aatikl no fi sain.
--Katxis (talk)‎ 00:22, 31 Aagos 2016 (EST)

Changing[edit suos]

Hi! How are you? Sorry for answering so late to you but I usually don't have much time, just to add some information to the Wiki and that's all. Both titles (Maruun a Jumieka and Jumiekan Maruun) are correct, I just changed it to be consistent (in English appears as Jamaican Morrons and also most of other articles, including Maruun a Jumieka, redirect to Jumiekan Maruun). I would like to thank you for all your work here as it is really valuable. Keep on going! --Katxis (talk)‎ 05:11, 4 Septemba 2016 (EST)