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Icons for assessing/classifying articles using this Template:

  • Featured article fa Featured article
  • Former featured article ffa Former featured article
  • Featured list fl Featured list
  • Former featured list ffl Former featured list
  • A-Class article a A-Class article
  • Bplus-Class article b+ Bplus-Class article
  • B-Class article b B-Class article
  • C-Class article c C-Class article
  • Start-Class article start Start-Class article
  • Stub-Class article stub Stub-Class article
  • Non-Article na Non-Article

  • Good article ga Good article
  • No good article ua Not good article

  • List list List
  • Category cat Category
  • Disambiguation page dab Disambiguation page
  • Redirect red Redirect
  • Template temp Template
  • Media file file Media file
  • Portal page portal Portal
  • Unknown ? Question

Example on how to insert {{Classicon|class=stub}} in Wikipidia:Di nesiseri aatikl dem:

# {{Classicon|class=stub}} [[Albert Einstein]]


  1. Stub-Class article Albert Einstein

# [[Albert Einstein]] {{Classicon|class=stub}}


  1. Albert Einstein Stub-Class article