Demya piej ya a fi wah nesiseri aatikl.
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Yuutanieja (frah εὐθανασία; "gud det": εὖ, eu; "wel" ar "gud" – θάνατος, thanatos; "det") a di praktis fi intenshanal hen laif fi riliiv pien ah sofarin.[1]

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  1. Philosopher Helga Kuhse: "'Euthanasia' is a compound of two Greek words - eu and thanatos meaning, literally, 'a good death'. Today, 'euthanasia' is generally understood to mean the bringing about of a good death - 'mercy killing,' where one person, A, ends the life of another person, B, for the sake of B." Euthanasia fact sheet Archived 2017-08-05 at the Wayback Machine A more extensive definition and analysis with references is contained in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy