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John William Ferrell (/ᅫᅫfᅫᅫrᅫᅫl/;[1] baan July 16 1967)[2][] a waah American acta comedian writa an produca Ferrell known fi fi him leading man roles inna comedy films an fi fi him wuk as a television produca him ave earn five Emmy Awards an inna 2011 did honored wid di Mark Twain Prize fi American Huma inna 2015 him receive a star pan di Hollywood waak of Fame an did name di best comedian inna British GQ [4][5] Ferrell fos established himself inna di mid-1990s as a cast memba pan di sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live weh him perform from 1995 tuh 2002 an ave subsequently starred inna string of comedy films Afta starring inna di 200 comedy film Old School Ferrell become consida a memba of di \"Frat Pack\" a generation of leading Hollywood comic actas who emerged inna di late 1990s an di 2000s including Jack Black Ben Stilla Steve Carell Vince Vaughn Paul Rudd an brothas Owen an Luke Wilson him found di comedy website Funny or dead inna 2007 wid fi him forma writing partna Adam McKay him starred inna comedy films such as Elf (200) Anchorman (2004) Kicking & Screaming (2005) Talladega Nights (2006) Blades of Glory (2007) Step Brothas (2008) di oddah Guys (2010) Get haad (2015) an Barbie (202) Ferrell ave also taken dramatic roles inna Stranga dan Fiction (2006) Everything muss guh (2010) an Downhill (2020) him ave voiced roles inna Curious George (2006) Megamind (2010) di Lego Movie film franchise (2014рᅫ2019) an Despicable mi 4 (2024)