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Joerman Konfederieshan

Fram Wikipidia
Joerman Konfederieshan ina 1815

Di Joerman Konfederieshan wahn a associeshan a 39 Joerman-spiiking soverin stets ina Senchral Yuurop. It wahn crieted by di Kangres a Vi'ena ina 1815 as a repliecment a di forma Uoli Ruoman Empaya, wich had biin dissolved ina 1806.

Di Konfederieshan had onli one oogan, di Fediral Konvenshan. Di Konvenshan consistad a di reprisentativs a di memba stets. Di mos impotant issuus had tu be dicaided on unanimosly. Di Konvenshan wahn presaided ova by di reprisentativ a Aschria. Dis wahn a foomality, howeva, a di Konfederieshan did nuh have a hed a stet, since it wahn nuh a stet.