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Chaini languij

Demya piej ya a fi wah nesiseri aatikl.
Fram Wikipidia

Di praimeri branchdem a Chaini languij ina iistan Chaina ah Taiwan (Wurm, Li, Baumann, Lee, 1987)

Chaini (汉语/漢語; Hànyǔ ar 中文; Zhōngwén) a gruup a rilietid bot ina nof kies myuuchali aninteligibl languij varayati, we faam wah branch a di Sino-Tibetan languij fambili. Chaini spiik bai di Han majariti ah nof ada etnik gruup ina Chaina. Nieli 1.2 bilian piipl (rong 16% a di wol papilieshan) spiik soh faam a Chaini az deh fos languij.

Di varayati a Chaini yuujali diskraib bai nietiv spiika az dayalek a wah singgl Chaini languij, bot lingguis nuot se deh daivoers az wah languij fambili.[1] Lingguis ina Chaina noftaim yuuz wah famiulieshan inchajuus bai Fu Maoji ina di Insaiklopidia a Chaina: 汉语在语言系属分类中相当于一个语族的地位。 ("Ina languij klasifikieshan, Chaini stietos ikuivalent tu wah languij fambili.")[2]

Refrans[change up | change up di source]

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