Archipelago a San Andrés, Providence ah Santa Catalina

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Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina
San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina
Flag of San Andrés y Providencia.svg Escudo de San Andrés y Providencia.svg
Himno de San Andrés y Providencia
San Andres and Providencia in Colombia.svg
Jinaral Infamieshan
Kiapital: San Andrés, Kolombia
Ofishal langwij: Ingglish, Panish ah San Andrés–Providencia Creole
Govament: Régimen administrativo especial
• Gobna-Jinaral: Juan Francisco Herrera Leal (e) (2018-2019)
• Praim Minista:
Ieria: 52.5 km²
Papiulieshan: 78 413 (2018)
Densiti: 1493,58
Adaels sitn
Koransi: Kolombian peso (CUP)
Kaalin kuod: 57 + 8
ISO 3166 kuod: CO
Intanet TLD: .co

Di Archipelago a San Andrés, Providence ah Santa Catalina (inna panish Archipiélago de San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina, inna ingglish ah sanandresano: Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina) It a one of di thirty-two departments of di Ripoblik a Kolombia Its kiapital San Andrés It located to di west of di Kiaribiyan Sii, (Atlantik Uoshan) 775 kilamiita (480 mail) northwest of di Atlantic coast of Colombia an 220 kilamiita (140 nautical miles) from di eastern coasts of Nikaragua It ave 52 km² wid bout 76 500 inhabitants[1].

Composed of tuu municipalities: San Andrés an di municipality of Providencia ah Santa Catalina It di ongle insular department of Colombia it make up of oddah islands cays an islets pan di volcanic platform of di West of di Antilles Sea, pan Juun 23, 1822 di flag a di den Ripoblik a "Gran Colombia" did hoisted pan di ailand a Providencia an pan July 21 di same did dun pan di ailand a San Andrés date pan we di archipelago did admit inna of di Gran Colombia as provide inna di Constitution of Cúcuta. Di ofishal languij a panish, bot piipl, espeshali di uola fuok dem, taak wah ingglish ah San Andrés Kryuol (San Andrés patwa).

Name[edit | edit suos]

Inna 1629 ingglish Captain Sussex Cammock land pan San Andrés, possibly di captain name di island a San Andrés as Henrietta[note 1].

Di name sometimes abbreviated to \"Archip. de San Andres\San Andres" inna patwah: Archipelago a San Andrés, Providence ah Santa Catalina.

Ischri[edit | edit suos]

Tourism[edit | edit suos]

  • Hoyo Soplador (Blowing Hole).
  • Iglesia bautista de La Loma. (First Baptist Church).
  • Cayos Johnny, Acuario, Haynes, Courtown y Crab.
  • Barrio de San Luis
  • Cueva de Morgan.
  • Laguna Big Pond.
  • Puerto de El Cove.
  • Parque nacional natural Old Providence McBean Lagoon.
  • The Peak
  • La Cabeza de Morgan, en la isla de Santa Catalina.
  • El árbol casa (Lair tree).
  • Jardín Botánico.

Festivities[edit | edit suos]

  • Festival del Cangrejo (Crab Festival): It characterized by di creation of a parade float of more dan 30 metas there artistic an gastronomic samples related to di crab.
  • Carnaval del Coco (Coconut Carnival): It takes place from Novemba 27 tu 30, coinciding wid di Saint Andrew's Day (Onomastico de San Andrés). Di Reinado del Coco "reign of di coconut" takes place this week, a contest inna which several Konchri of di Atlantic coast an neighboring islands participate[2].
  • Festival de la Luna Verde (The green moon festival): Dedicated inna large part to reggae an calypso muzik.

Notes[edit | edit suos]

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