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Welkom tu Wikipidia, di frii insaiklopidia we enibadi kiah edit.
Tengki fi tek paat ina dis prajek. Ef yu gat eni dout, yu kiah ax bouti ina di Komiuniti puotal.

Yu no chat Jumiekan? - Don't speak Jamaican?


Dis a yu diskoshan piej, we yu kiah risiiv mechiz frah ada wikipidian. A di hen a di mechiz yu fi sain bai rait ~~~~. Memba se aatikl no fi sain.
--Chabi (talk)‎ 04:01, 2 Mie 2018 (EST)

One, one coco full basket[edit suos]

Wh'appen Jay, I noticed you've started to edit this Wikipedia and I just wanted to encourage you to continue to so, it needs more Jamaican editors to contribute. I've appreciated the new articles you've created. One, one coco full basket. Keep at it! MassiveEartha (talk)‎ 20:57, 22 Mie 2018 (EST)

Ahh, I like the vibe! Thanks for the heads up! Jay Jay Marcus Keize13 (talk)‎

Articles[edit suos]

If you want to collaborate here, please help us adding new articles or new information to the already existing ones. --Chabi (talk)‎ 03:03, 4 Juun 2018 (EST)

Thanks Chabi! Since summer is coming up, I'll have more time to participate here. Cheers, --Jay Jay Marcus Keize13 (talk)‎ 06:56, 4 Juun 2018 (EST)

While your help is welcome, i suggest you familiarize yourself with this before you get started. --Yocahuna (talk)‎ 10:41, 4 Juun 2018 (EST)

That's what I was thinking this morning, because Jamaicans spell patois words different, so that's why I don't really want to help here. It will cause a lot of confusion and contention, as one would spell words their own way. --Jay Jay Marcus Keize13 (talk)‎ 15:35, 4 Juun 2018 (EST)
My suggestion is for you to first get used to the spelling policy on this Wikipedia and then create one single article and add information there. Just one article so that you can practice with the orthography and Yocahuna can correct just one article, easing in that way his work. --Chabi (talk)‎ 04:52, 5 Juun 2018 (EST)
Greetings @Jay Jay Marcus Keize13:, I also struggle with Cassidy orthography. The writing style this Wikipedia uses was developed by Jamaican linguist Frederic Cassidy (en)) in the 1960s and has been adapted by the Jamaican Language Unit at Mona. One of the reason's I try to contribute is to become more literate in the Cassidy orthography and to improve the content about Jamaican culture and people. Most of the active editors here are not Jamaican or native speakers of Patwa. Note neither Cassidy or Cooper have an article despite the fact they're both important advocates for the Jamaican language
I've found reading Prof Carolyn Cooper's (en)blog and Gleaner column really useful in familiarsing myself with the Cassidy orthography. She probably has the largest body of writing in the Cassidy orthography outside of the translation of the New Testament published in 2012. I've put some links below - let me know how you get on. Later MassiveEartha (talk)‎ 06:09, 5 Julai 2018 (EST)