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English: The sunflower used in MediaWiki logo
Suos‎ Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons. (w:File:Tournesol.png)
Aata User:Anthere


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For the story, User:Anthere wandered in a sunflower field in spring/summer 2003, and took many pictures. You may see a consequence of that day in the sunflower splashscreen User:Anthere made after that trip at w:Image:Tournesol(L).jpg.

Soon after, Eloquence launched the wikipedia logo contest, and had an idea of a logo himself... but no flower to use for it. He asked User:Anthere one... and here is the flower User:Anthere sent him. The logo had success during the contest, but did not make the final winner for wikipedia... still, it became our software Mediawiki logo ( Anyone may see this little flower on all wikis using our Mediawiki soft.

It was first used on meta, to thank User:Raul654. Then it spread on several of our projects and there is even an editor using it in his signature.


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